KNOXVILLE — Johnson University’s Ultimate Frisbee Club hosted its first tournament earlier this month at Seymour First Baptist Church where they used the fields for the six teams that came to play.

There were two current Johnson teams, x and y, and an alumni team in addition to teams from STEM Academy, Wingate Universtiy, and Tennessee Tech.

The first three games of the day were part of a pool in which the wins and losses for each team would help set up the tournament.

Brooke Fowler, one of the ten players who played on the Johnson y team and a junior at JUTN, said “It definitely would have been nice to have more teams to make it a little bigger, but overall I’m impressed with the way things went.”

johnson tournament

Pictured are Nate Plyler and James Sheets narrating the first game. (Photo/Brian Tucker)

During the first game of the tournament, students Nate Plyler and Sheets narrated the Johnson x and TTU game.

“One of my favorite things was getting to have our community out there supporting us and joining in on the fun,” Fowler said. “Another [favorite] was having a game under the lights because that’s always a blast!”

At the beginning of the championship game played by Johnson y against STEM, Sheets announced the players on both STEM’s and Johnson’s team and graphic design for JUTN, Brian Tucker sang the national anthem.

The championship game ended with a victory for Johnson y.

“Winning the championship was super cool but also definitely challenging; STEM Academy is a really good team and it was so much fun to get to play with good spirited people,” Fowler said.


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