A team form JUTN left Thursday to spend the week with this year’s chapel offering recipients.

Each year Harvesters, a student missions organization on campus, chooses a mission to give all chapel offerings to. The 2016-2017 school year’s recipients is the Mirembe Cottage for Street Girls.

Mirembe’s mission is to “provide a safe home and nurturing Christ-centered environment for young girls who have been neglected, abused and forced to live their lives begging on the streets of Uganda.”

“I am so excited to go back to Uganda and see the girls of Mirembe,” Hannah Baker, student organizer for the trip, said. Baker has been to Mirembe Cottage before and has seen the impact of the school first hand.

“The school helps to provide a safe loving environment for girls who desperately need a home,” Baker said.

The school is helping change the lives of many girls of Uganda such as 10-year-old Nankuke Valentina.

Valentina’s parents are infected with HIV and mentally ill. She and her younger brother were taken in by their uncl,e but he had no money to care for them.

Many girls such as Valentina are being support by Sonrise Ministres and Mirembe Cottage of Uganda.

Harvesters has had many fundraisers throughout the year including selling Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits to raise money to support the school.

“Please pray for our team. Pray for safe travel and that we can help the girls of Mirembe Cottage,” Baker said.

Posted by Alexander McCormick

Alex is a junior at Johnson University TN. He enjoys spending time with his family and girlfriend. Alex loves global mission and the French speaking world. He lives his life by the phrase, "SEND, PLANT, MULTIPLY."

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