“I’m going home. I’m gonna do some homework, hang out with my family and visit with them.”

— Nicole Brunsnan, a senior






“Going to the beach for four days, but tomorrow we’re leaving for my mother-in-law’s 90th birthday, then we’re going home.”

— Pat Fuller, Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Templar School of Education




“I’m going home to St. Louis and doing a lot of wedding planning. I’ll be going to a bridal shower and spending a lot of time with family.”

— Michaela Hensley




Kaitlin Faust

Kaitlin Faust



“I will be staying in Knoxville during Week of E, probably do some hiking, helping with some high school tennis teams, and visiting with parents.” — Kaitlin Faust




Carrie Russell

Carrie Russel


“I am going to be going home, and taking care of my injury, cause I hurt my foot. Then I am going to go to Cincinnati Christian College to visit my cousin and my family.”

— Carrie Russel



Karen Eastep

Karen Eastep



“I am going to Hilton Head, just relaxing, going to the beach maybe.”

—  Karen Eastep, Templar school of Education Field Experience Coordinator,





“I am going to Vera Beach, Florida, and then I am going to go home to Illinois for the last part of it.”

— Chase Poorman



Norm Dungan


“I am on the mission team at our church and we are putting up a mission wall with all the names of our missionaries and creating a big project. So I am working at the local church this week. Because my wife is in Phoenix helping a 95 year old mother, I am helping my sister who has Alzheimer’s so I am staying at home and don’t get to travel to exotic places like students do.”

— Norm Dungan, Adjunct Professor of English and Spanish


Brandon Crussel



“Myself and 11 other people rented a beach house in North Carolina, Emerald Isle. We are headed there Saturday and we come back Wednesday.”

— Brandon Crussel, Senior




Caleb Lawen

Caleb Lawen


“I am going home to Shelbyville, Tenn. tonight and will celebrate my mom’s birthday on the 20th, then go visit some local relatives before coming back to campus on Thursday to hang with my girlfriend and some other local friends.”

— Caleb Lawen




Jean B Faton

Jean B. Faton


“Urban Plunge and I are going to Philadelphia to help with a homeless ministry named Urban Plunge there.”

— Jean B. Faton




Steve Cook

Steve Cook



“I plan on heading to Virginia to visit my family for a bit, but other than that, I plan to try and catch up on some work and then attempt to relax some.”

— Steve Cook, professor of Bible



Ben Faust

Ben Faust


“The first half of it we [Ben’s wife Kaitlin Faust] are just gonna stay here. If the weather is good, probably some hiking or something. Then on Thursday we are going to go to Virginia and lead worship at my dad’s church. Also we will celebrate our birthdays.

— Ben Faust, a sophomore



Lexi Overcash

Lexi Overcash


“I’ll be traveling to Myrtle Beach with the Frisbee team to volunteer at a tournament called High Tide — which is a week long one — where universities from across the country come and play Frisbee for a week. Typically, it’s a very secular culture where kids are just celebrating spring break like any other major university would. Our actions stand out because we are different cause we are volunteering and playing with them.”

— Lexi Overcash, a junior


Ron Wheeler

Ron Wheeler


“This Week of E, I am going to be recuperating from a heart procedure that I had two weeks ago. So, getting better is what I hope to be doing for Week of E,” he said with a laugh.

— Ron Wheeler, Professor of English and Literature


Nate Hudson

Nate Hudson


“I’m just heading home. I have come into a car recently, so I’m going to drive over to Shepherdsville, Tenn., with my father, he’s gonna come down from Indiana. Then we’re gonna register it in my name, get insurance on it and then we’re finally gonna drive it back to Indiana. I’m gonna take a nice long week to relax in the not so warm Indiana place.”

— Nate Hudson

Zach Griggs

Zach Griggs


“I’m going home. I’m going to work on some wedding planning. I think I’m gonna help build the new set for our church, for our coming sermon series. Should be fun.”

-Zach Griggs




Eddie Bryant

Eddie Bryant


“I have no plans whatsoever. It’s a possibility to get together with Mark and Tracy Young. I may travel up to the Tri-Cities to see my mom. Other than that,I’ll be doing work on a thesis, I’ll be doing a lot of reading and writing. So that’s my plans. Exciting, right?”

— Eddie Bryant


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