Students can earn salt hours with Yoke, transform lives

KNOXVILLE — Yoke is a local Knoxville nonprofit organization that connects college students with middle school students as part of an after school mentorship program.

Yoke has programs meeting after school in 27 schools across the greater Knoxville area.

The club meets for an hour and consists of games, help with homework or studying for students and a short devotional.

“We seek to transform their lives to transform the community,” a current volunteer at Yoke and JUTN student, Jake Brown said.

Brown said that most of the students in the Yoke program come from broken or troubled families and need guidance.

Brown said that by being a role model for these students their lives are made better, which can improve their walk with God, as most of the students in Yoke have no other good role models in their life.

“We hope to be role models in their lives that they can look up to,” Brown said. “I know my life and Christian walk would not be where it is if it was not for a mentor in my earlier life who spent time with me that I looked up to.”

Brown said he started volunteering at Yoke as a way to earn SALT hours to fill his requirement, but he said he soon saw the importance of the ministry work he was doing, and took it even more seriously.

Brown said Yoke gives him a chance to minister to children on a weekly basis, which gives him experience pouring into the lives of others. Brown said he finds that being a part of Yoke is enriching to his life.

For students interested in getting involved with Yoke more information can be found at


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