Richardson Hall computer lab receives makeover 

The computer lab in Richardson Hall recently received a makeover that included updated equipment and rearranged furniture.

Glenn Feaster, the IT director at Johnson, explains why the updates were necessary.

“Those old computers were slow,” Feaster said. “And they were causing problems for the students.”

The recent updates not only benefit students but the IT department as well. Feaster’s team often experienced difficulties with the maintenance of the outdated technology.

“Quite often, my team had to do a lot of work to keep them operating,” Feaster said. “By replacing the computers, my team has less to do when it comes to upgrading them.”

Feaster expressed the team’s goal to meet the students’ needs.

“We decided to replace the computers with newer and faster computers so that the students can get their papers written and printed more quickly without trouble,” Feaster said.

In addition to updated computers, the furniture in the Richardson Hall computer lab has been rearranged.

“Rearranging the furniture better accommodates the tutoring stations,” Feaster said.

The printer problems that have persisted this year should also be resolved with the computer upgrades.

“The printer issues had a lot to do with the computers being old,” Feaster said. “They went offline, not being able to find the print servers.”

Feaster’s goal is to upgrade all three of the computer labs on campus to better serve students. Because the Richardson Hall computer lab is used the most, Feaster and his team started there.

“IT is all about customer service,” Feaster said. “I hope I am bringing a greater focus on customer service because it is one of our core values.”

The computer upgrades were provided by IT’s budget.

“We bought 20 computers and monitors,” Feaster said. “These are not brand new, but bought off lease from a company that I have worked with before for the Florida campus.”

Although these computers are not brand new, they are better than the old ones that previously occupied the Richardson Hall computer lab.

“I did buy them as ‘good used’,” Feaster said. “So I was able to get top of the line PCs and monitors for 1/3 the price of new computers with the same specifications with new solid state hard drives.”

The IT department believes in Johnson’s strategic initiative to enhance student learning and wanted to be a part of it.

“The mission of IT is to support Johnson’s missions,” Feaster said. “We do that through excellent service and innovative campus technology.”

The IT department is often behind the scenes, but they work diligently.

“My team may not be in the classroom to educate,” Feaster said. “But they support those who do.”

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