Faculty reflect on Lectures on Preaching

KNOXVILLE — Last week, Kent J. Edwards arrived at Johnson University Tennessee to speak for Johnson’s Fred B. Craddock Lectures on Preaching, formerly known as Preaching Emphasis Week.

Edwards is a professor of preaching and leadership in the Talbot School of Theology at Biola University.

Dean of the school of congregational ministry, Daniel Overdorf said that he was very happy with the outcome of the lectures.

“Each year’s lectureship is shaped by the particular passions and expertise of the guest speaker,” Overdorf said. “This year’s speaker, Dr. Kent Edwards, has given a great deal of thought and study to the role of the Holy Spirit in preaching and to methods of preaching that will connect best with adult listeners.

“His lectures on these topics were intriguing, challenging, and quite helpful. His insight brought a real blessing to our campus,” he added.

Dr. Jeff Snell said that he felt Edwards’ chapel sermon on Jonah was particularly well received by the student body.

“To me one of the highlights really had to do with who he is and what he’s like as compared to the content itself,” Snell said.

Snell said that Edwards brought a unique perspective to the tradition of Preaching Emphasis Week.

“[A] couple of ways that really shaped his presentation was firstly he was probably more globally aware than a lot of other Craddock Lectures would be,” he said. “[He was] super targeted toward insights that we can gain from all other parts of the world, where formal education is less than an option.”

Snell said that he is excited to announce Dr. Jerry Taylor from Abilene Christian University as next year’s speaker for Preaching Emphasis Week.

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