Stone Campbell Journal Conference highlights Old Testament

KNOXVILLE—Last weekend, Johnson hosted the 16th annual Stone Campbell Journal Conference.

In the first plenary session, Chris Heard explored  how the flood narrative evolved into a children’s story. Heard’s chronological explanation started with the Greco-Roman antiquity.

Chris Heard speaks on the flood narrative.

“I started this inquiry wondering why families like mine give our children perpetrated mass extinction as a bedtime story,” Heard said.

Virgil Warren, who Led the session “Chapter Four: Disorder and Revolt: The Effects of Sin” enjoyed the opportunity to get to see and meet new people during the conference.

“The best thing about the conference is getting to see people you don’t see very often or haven’t seen in a long time,” he said.

The SCJ registration and subscriptions manager, Rachel Kitterman, mentioned the overall community and hospitality she experienced throughout the conference.

“Every year it’s the community that has developed,” she said. “This is my third year at the conference and Johnson is fantastic. The students, faculty and staff are always welcoming and very hospitable.”

Among other Johnson faculty and staff, Dr. Jon Weatherly participated in this years conference. Weatherly said he sees the conference as an opportunity to learn and make connections in the midst of all his responsibilities on campus.

Virgil Warren, leader of Chapter Four: Disorder and Revolt: The Effects of Sin.

“It’s always fun to see other people in the process of developing ideas,” he said. “It’s hard to go to a conference on campus because you still have to do your job. It’s easier to go away but it’s always nice for people to come here.”

In the last plenary session, Ellen Davis explored the story of Ruth from a new perspective.

“I chose to look at the book of Ruth as a story of vulnerable people crossing borders,” Davis said. “Ruth follows the book of Judges and gives it a different sort of ending, an ending that leads to hope.”

Next year’s theme will be “Theology of Others: Judaism, Islam, and ‘None-of-the-Aboves'” and will be hosted by Milligan College.

View highlights from this year’s conference here.

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