KNOXVILLE—On Friday, Emily Eisenhart, director of the university’s counseling center,was interviewed over the topic of how stress can affect students and how students can cope and manage this stress.

“It’s finding that balance…from finding positive ways of relieving stress such as reaching out to family or friends to have someone to debrief with or just to get off campus, and then sometimes food isn’t the best option though,” Eisenhart said.

When asked about how the UCC can serve students dealing with finals stress, Eisenhart answers the question with,”We’re definitely up here, when you come up here you don’t have to commit if you just need some support.

“It’s the end of the semester, you’re thinking about getting out of the dorms, summer plans, yet you’re in the in-between stage of being almost done, yet these grades for finals may be a lot heavier than the other grades during the semester,” she added.

Eisenhart advises students to manage their schedules and food intake wisely during finals week.

“Finals week may be that week to pull back from some of the other activities going on outside of academics,” she said. “Make sure you’re eating, but limiting the sugar and caffeine intake, usually that gives a surge of energy and then you’ll get a crash that has the reverse effect.”

Eisenhart also stresses the importance of taking a brief break from studying.

“Movement can be really important, breaks are too. Taking 60-90 minute study times and then a 10-20 minute break is good,” she said. “Going for a walk and listening to music is a way that lets the mind take a rest from the stimulation it has gone through with studying.”

Eisenhart adds that taking a break to be on your phone isn’t helping your mind because it is still stimulating the brain. Lastly, she advises students on how to cope with anxiety.

“If anxiety is what is keeping you from studying the first thing is to not ignore it. Take a moment to figure out what you need to do to take care of yourself, so you can focus without trying to fight anxiety,” she said.

If you need to reach the University Counseling Center, their number is 865-251-2217, and they are open from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. The UCC is located in Myrtle Hall directly behind the Gally Commons.

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