JU freshman reflects on start of new year

Every year, new students arrive at Johnson University to begin the journey towards their futures. Jaycee Shelton is one of these freshmen starting at Johnson University this fall. Moving from her hometown of Mooresville, Indiana, Shelton is the first person in her family to attend JU.

Shelton is currently pursuing a degree in elementary education with an emphasis on teaching English as a second language.

Shelton said she chose education due to her experience in the classroom with her teachers.

“I had a couple of really good teachers — history in particular — that made me realize that I just want to spend forever with kids,” she said.

Shelton’s love for children extends beyond the classroom and the United States. She would like to spend at least some of her career teaching on the mission field. Shelton said she came to Johnson because she saw potential in the program’s ability to help her meet her goals.

“The Templar school of education, with the masters in five years, was a drawing factor for sure,” she said. “All the staff that I had met before deciding to come here were really welcoming and helpful.”

Shelton said she has begun to realize how different these next four years at university will be.

“It’s not high school anymore,” she said. “It took me a while to realize that the syllabus is used for more than just one day, and was a bit overwhelming at first.”

While she said she was nervous at first, Shelton is grateful for the circle of support the upperclassmen in her life have provided.

“Once I took a step back and talked to my RAs for a little bit,” Shelton said, “I realized that it’s manageable and can totally be done.”

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