Chinese music concert coming to JUTN campus

KNOXVILLE—Later this month, 22 students from Beijing Language and Culture University will be coming to Johnson University to perform.Admission is free and the concert will take place Sept. 26 from 7-8 p.m. in the Phillips-Welshimer building gym.

Duan Hua, assistant professor of education and Chinese history and culture and director of international relations, has a key role in the planning and promotion of this event.

“Our sponsor is the organization Han Ban. So, they are sending this performing troupe.” Hua said,“They are students in a performing arts major and they have recruited some other noted instrumentalists, singers and dancers from other parts of the city in Beijing.”

Hua said this event is an opportunity to enrich campus life and cross-cultural relations.

“This is open to all, the whole campus,” Hua said.”The purpose we are having this is to enrich the campus life and we also want to foster understanding within the cross-cultural students in the community. “

All of the dancing and music will be made according to the theme of The Silk Road Impression of Civilization, and will include many unique aspects of different Chinese cultures.

“It’s a high quality performance—Especially the Chinese instrument morin khuur, and the English translation is “horse-head fiddle” It is a Mongolian instrument, and it is listed as one of the Chinese culture heritages by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization),” Hua said.

With 13 different programs within the concert, this is a great chance for anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of Chinese culture.

“This is a unique opportunity for the students to be able to stay on campus, not have to travel, and watch a concert,” Hua said. “This will give the campus community an opportunity to get to know different Chinese artists and performers.”


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