2 Replies to “Student athletes frustrated by complex closure”

  1. Seriously? With everything going on in the world, you are frustrated that the sports complex is closed and you are inconvenienced? You are getting a multi-million dollar brand new sports complex. Maybe your next interview should be titled “Donors frustrated over giving dollars to pay for new sports facility for entitled students.”

  2. Don’t judge an article by its title. None of these students sounded entitled. They actually were the exact opposite. Seniors expressed excitement for new potential students and how the facility might bring in more recruits. They talked about it being, “bittersweet” that they don’t get to play their senior year on the new fields, but that others will get to after them. Frustrated might be an extreme word, but these are students who even with the facilities shut down are choosing to play for JU. Meaning extra time for driving to practice, games, etc. Missing out on other events on campus, such as meals. All so they can represent the school through their athletic abilities. So thank you sports players for adapting during this transition, for seeing the greater need for our University and still choosing to represent the ROYALS!

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