Royal Scribe staff return for fourth year of publication

The Royal Scribe staff returns for the fourth year of publication. Johnson University’s student publication, the Royal Scribe, continues to cover news and information of interest to the university community. The scribe is in its fourth year of publication.

Chastedy Johnson, Royal Scribe senior editor

Chastedy Johnson, who joined the Scribe staff three years ago, is serving as the 2017-18 senior editor. Johnson, a journalism major at JUTN, is a senior and just completed an internship with Love Thy Neighborhood, in Louisville, Kentucky.

“I’ve learned over the past few years that the art of storytelling is so powerful,” Johnson said.”Telling the stories of others gives light to what God is doing in our world and also has its place in advancing the kingdom.

“The Royal Scribe has given me a place to take my creative skills, develop them and use them in incredible ways to serve God and the community,” she said.

Senior Ariel Porter, also a longtime Scribe reporter, is serving as the video editor.

In addition to the Scribe’s student editors, Rachelle Baggett will serve as staff adviser and Matthew Broaddus will serve as faculty adviser to the Scribe staff.

“The scribe reporters are a talented group of students,” Broaddus said. “We have great student leadership this year, and Rachelle will be a great addition to the team.”

Students from any major can report for the Royal Scribe. Staff meetings are at 1 p.m. Tuesdays in EAC 440. Everyone is welcome.

“Writing for the Royal Scribe is a great opportunity for students to grow their portfolios. They can use their published content for future career prospects,” Baggett said. “The Scribe gives them experience where they are both pushed to learn the trade, but given the opportunity to ask for help.”

Students can participate in the Royal Scribe as a club or class. Beginning in the spring 2018 semester, students can take the Royal Scribe class as a Fine Arts, or Arts and Science Selective.

Rachelle Baggett, Royal Scribe staff adviser.

“In addition to covering the Tennessee campus, we would like to develop our staff on the Florida campus,” Broaddus said.

Florida students interested in reporting for the Scribe should contact Johnson at The Scribe staff focuses on covering events of interest to the Johnson community, which extends far beyond the Tennessee and Florida campuses.

In 2017, the Scribe had more than 18,000 views and nearly 8,500 unique visitors from 128 countries. The majority of the international traffic came from Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom and Russia.

“I am always impressed by the students who work for the Scribe,” Broaddus said. “They are creating content that goes all over the world.

“They are learning and practicing their art in a very public lab setting, and that takes a lot of courage,” he said.

Scribe reporters cover events in text, audio and video formats. Students who participate build a resume, learn valuable communication skills and get to be a part of documenting the history of Johnson University.

Any student who would like more information about reporting for the Royal Scribe can contact Johnson at

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