K17 Service Day approaching

K17, a day of community service, is quickly approaching and takes place Sept. 27.

Each year, students from Johnson University partner with local Knoxville, nonprofit organizations.

Justin Sutherland, this year’s K17 Service Say coordinator, said students will have the opportunity to work to better their community.

“K17 is Johnson’s day of service where students go and serve with various organizations,” Sutherland said.

Service days have been a tradition at JU since the early 2000s.

“We go out and serve for the purpose of partnering with other organizations to better the community,” Sutherland said. “And to serve the community in a way that we would not do otherwise.”

Sutherland said that these days help the organizations in a “janitorial sense.”

“A lot of the times we clean up around the organization because they are in the midst of doing ministry to others,” Sutherland said. “We serve with various organizations, doing menial tasks; doing whatever the organization needs so that they are better equipped to minister to others.”

For many students, especially freshman, this will be their first experience serving at local nonprofit organizations.

Sutherland said they can expect to participate in a variety of odd jobs around the organizations.

“Some of them will engage with maybe kids in the daycares… but it would be just a lot of random odd jobs that the organizations wouldn’t be able to get to on their own,” he said.

Student signup sheets are in the Gally Commons.

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