JU students invited to join Scripture Memory Group

KNOXVILLE—Every Thursday at 5:20 p.m. Johnson University students gather in the advancement office workroom to study, memorize and pray through God’s word. Joshua Meadows is one of these students.

“When we meet we often pray, catch up with each other and then each member will recite whatever he or she has been working on memorizing lately,” Meadows said. “We often memorize scriptures to be recited in chapel, but we also memorize scriptures for our own personal benefit and other events on campus.”

In addition to meeting on Thursdays, the Scripture Memory Group host events on campus throughout the year for the sake of encouraging the student body through God’s word.

“The cool thing about scripture memorization is that it allows you to take your Biblical devotions with you wherever you go,” Meadows said. “SMG really helps facilitate that through our events, chapel scriptures and personal encouragement between like-minded friends.”

Not wanting to recite scripture at chapel does not exclude anyone from this opportunity, because everyone is welcome to come and memorize scripture.

“Many people are intimidated at the idea of joining Scripture Memory Group, but it is a very relaxed and warm atmosphere,” Meadows said.”No one is required to recite in front of large crowds if they don’t want to.”

Always looking for new members, the Scripture Memory Group is a perfect opportunity for anyone looking for a new way to dig deeper into their faith and make new friends.

Anyone interested in joining the Scripture Memory Group should contact Lauren Shears at LShears@johnsonu.edu for more information.

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