K-17: Centro Hispano de East TN added to K-17 service sites

Johnson and other students work to clean and organize the garage while English classes continue in the next room.

This year a group of students spent their day off from classes to serve the Centro Hispano de East TN. As a community center, the workers there aim to build up the multi-cultural community through English classes and after school programs.

Emily Grace Johnson was one of the students who chose to volunteer at Centro Hispano de East TN.

“I decided to come here, because I’m in Spanish right now, so I wanted to practice my Spanish by coming here,” Johnson said. “I also wanted to see what it was like, because I know that they do English classes here, and I’m in the ESL program.”

Sweeping the dust and dirt out of the garage became a consistent part of the job.

Johnson was not only there to learn, but to serve the organization as well.

“We are cleaning out this storage room,” Johnson said. “We are taking everything out to see what is trash and what’s not, and then we are cleaning it and bringing the stuff back in and organizing it.”

Johnson students spent their day working to create a cleaner space for the students and workers of Centro Hispano de East TN.

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