K-17: JU students serve Family Promise of Knoxville

Family Promise of Knoxville
A non-profit organization, Family Promise of Knoxville works to provide aid the homeless community present in Knoxville.

KNOXVILLE— K-17 is the day classes are canceled so that Johnson students have the opportunity to go out and serve their community. This year a group went to serve at Family Promise of Knoxville.

MaKenze Hinchey was one of the students that chose to volunteer at Family Promise of Knoxville.

“I decided to come here because my church has partnered with them before, and so I figured it would be fun to actually be able to help them,” Hinchey said.

Hinchey viewed her service as a chance to help further Family Promise’s future ministry.

“We are taking out all the weeds in the garden,” Hinchey said. “So that they can plant fresh vegetables for the people that are coming into their program”

Makenze Hinchey
The overgrown garden could use some work, and that is exactly why Hinchey and fellow student, Tye Atteberry, are here.

In the heat of the midday sun, Johnson students helped Family Promise of Knoxville accomplish the day to day tasks which might normally get overlooked.




With a shovel in hand, Hinchey works to get the weeds out of the Family Promise of Knoxville’s garden.


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