KNOXVILLE—In 2015, Bill Wolf, Dean of Chapel, initiated a small group chapel that sought to give fledgling songwriters and spoken word artists the opportunity to improve their craft in community.

The group became student led in 2016 and now is led by Sophomore Caleb Lawen.

Lawen, who plans to pursue songwriting as a career, attended the group throughout his freshman year and now leads the group.

“On a week to week basis we have the opportunity to share songs that we have written and get feedback,” Lawen said. “We also incorporate co-writing and writing prompts into the group.”

Lawen said he is excited about the potential of the group holding a public songwriting showcase toward the end of the semester. He spoke fondly of the group and its purpose.

“Through working together and sharing songs communally we will learn from each other while also glorifying God,” Lawen stated.

Lawen encourages all students that feel inclined to creativity to participate regardless of their experience or skill level.

“Being in the group will give you a chance to learn and develop your own voice in a judgement free zone,” he said.

The group meets Monday nights at 5:30 p.m. Contact Caleb Lawen at for more information.


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