Houseless Ministries ask JUTN students for candy donations

KNOXVILLE— Every Friday night for the past three years a small group of Johnson students goes to downtown Knoxville to build relationships with the homeless community.15267664_611345482406713_3706102424529430523_n

Shae Frazier, a JUTN senior and member of Houseless Ministries, explains that the organization tries to do something regarding holidays every year.

This month, they are trying to collect candy to bring downtown with them for Halloween.

“They’re people just like you and me,” Frazier stated. “They like candy—it brings back memories of when they were kids. It also just lets them know that we were thinking of them.”

Frazier also said that, “Houseless ministry would not be as successful as it is without the help of outside forces. We can use all the help we can get.”

There are boxes set up in the Gally, Marble Hall and both dorm lobbies. They are asking that students fill the boxes with as many bags of candy as they can.

If you cannot find the boxes, contact Shae Frazier at or find Houseless Ministries on Facebook.

Read more about Houseless Ministries by clicking the link below.

JU students reach out to homeless community  

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