New Creation calls alumni home for special reunion concert

FLORIDA — Johnson University Florida will host the Last Round-Up from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Nov. 4.  New Creation, JUFL’s music travel team, will perform a homecoming concert to celebrate the 20-year reunion of the group. The concert will be from 1-2 p.m., Nov. 4.

The Round-Up is a fall fundraiser held every year on the JUFL campus where donors can come and enjoy a meal and concert. The event is similar to JUTN Founder’s Day and Homecoming celebrations.

This will be the last year for the Round-Up, hence the name, the Last Round-Up.

Every year New Creation performs to conclude the day’s events.

Ruth Reyes, creative director, and Dirk Donahue, co-director and vocal conductor for New Creation, have worked alongside one another for the past 10 years.

This year they decided all the alumni from the past 20 years of New Creation would be invited back to sing together.

Reyes put all the programs together and arranged all of the music.

“The transition from song to song is the most difficult one to execute,” she said. “But I think we are going to have a cool program.”

Donahue said Reyes is the driving force behind New Creation.

More than 90 alumni were invited to perform in the concert, of which 40 accepted the invitation and will perform together  Nov. 4. The alumni will arrive Nov. 3 and will participate in a rehearsal and a reception dinner.

The reunion concert will feature three musical sets. The first featuring all original music written by New Creation alumni for the New Creation tours. The second will be a worship set featuring four songs. Two will be fairly new worship songs and two older worship songs. The third set will be the longest set, highlighting the greatest hits from each era throughout the 20 years of New Creation.

“We [will be] featuring a mash-up of songs from 1997 to 2017,” Reyes said.

The reunion provides an opportunity for a unique concert.

“This is a great opportunity to see a performance ensemble from JUFL that might never happen again at this scope,” said Donahue.

There are three different alumni bands that will each play in a different set of the concert. Reyes and Donahue decided on this setup to create order.

“If you have no concept it looks like it is chaos,” Reyes said.

Three of the current New Creation students will perform with the alumni. Reyes said this concert will act as a Homecoming for the alumni.

“It will be a lot of reconnection for these alumni,” she said. “Many of whom are worship leaders. It is going to be like battle of the bands with worship leaders!

“All the alumni are really excited to be coming back and perform together,” Reyes said. “It is kind of like edgy— they are going to live on the edge,” she added.

The performance will bring together soloist from the past 20 years who have never sung together.

“I am excited to see the alumni come back from all over the country,” Donahue said. “Some have not been back since they graduated.”

The New Creation concert will act as the centerpiece for the Last Round-Up.

As of now, there will not be a live stream of the concert, but Reyes is looking into requesting a live stream for students, faculty, alumni and donors who can not attend the live event.




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