Stone-Campbell Movement panel discussion held on JUTN campus

KNOXVILLE— JU hosted a panel discussion over the history and evangelical effects of the Stone-Campbell Movement last Wednesday. This panel included Jamey Gorman, Matt Shears, Jon Weatherly, Mark Weedman and Bill Wolf.

Dr. Gorman, a professor of Restoration Movement history at JU, discussed background information involving the relevance of the Stone-Campbell Movement. The main question discussed on the panel was “Is the Stone-Campbell Movement evangelical and is it relevant today?”

Matt Shears, a Johnson alumnus, took part in the panel. Shears explored how many Christians today, despite Stone-Campbell Movement roots, are not evangelicals.

Matt Shears speaks on the question of evangelicals within the church.

In his presentation Shears stated that the goal of the Stone-Campbell Movement reflects Christian principles, but that many Christians today should not identify as evangelicals.

Dean of the School of Bible and Theology Jon Weatherly, countered Shears argument.

Weatherly said some in the church have faltered in keeping the ideals of the Stone-Campbell Movement, but he believed that does not discount Christian churches today as evangelical.

Weatherly said it is the job of the Church to realize failure as part of life, and by their authenticity the Church should accept them.

Dr. Weedman, professor of philosophy and ethics at Johnson, countered both Shears’ and Weatherly’s arguments by proposing that the discussion should not be held at all.

Weedman argued that Christians spend too much time expressing Christianity intellectually and not enough time taking action.

Dean of Chapel Bill Wolf, concluded the discussion by heading up a Q&A time with the four speakers so that the audience had a chance to ask about the ideas they discussed.


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