JUTN Ultimate mixed team wins second tournament this season

KNOXVILLE—This year at JU there is not only a men’s Ultimate Frisbee team, but a mixed team as well. The new mixed team has won the past two tournaments they have competed in this season.

Never in JU history has an ultimate team won first place in two consecutive tournaments before.

Lexi Overcash and Colin Giebler are leaders in this new mixed team.

“The team as a whole is a lot closer this year than last year,” Giebler said.

When asked about how their team is different from the men’s team, Giebler stated, “Mixed has a different mindset—It is more about having fun than competition.”

Overcash said she believes the creation of the mixed team is a step in the right direction for female students.

“Girls are able to compete against girls, which creates a lot more even playing field and just a better environment where they feel like they can thrive,” Overcash said. “The new girls are enjoying it because they can play someone with a similar skill level.”

Photo Credit: Hunter Long

Giebler said he views the games as more than just a chance to play ultimate, but a chance to minister to teammates and the other team as well.

“Ministry has been really well, we’ve gotten to really get to know some teams we’ve played against in the past,” Giebler said. “The captains have made the team a welcoming place to everyone. People feel like they have a place to hang out here.”

Photo Credit: Hunter Long

Both Overcash and Giebler say they look forward to the tournament the team plans to host in Knoxville next semester. This will be the second year the team has hosted a tournament, and they encourage the students to look forward to it as well.

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