JUTN Men’s basketball team takes stance on unity

KNOXVILLE— The Johnson Royals Men’s basketball team wore “We are family” shirts during warm-ups for Monday’s game against Tennessee Wesleyan.

Team members said the shirts are meant to promote a message of brotherhood and unity.

Coach Perry said the purpose behind wearing the shirts is to show the school that they stand together as brothers on and off the court.

The team felt the need to take this stance given the recent protests associated with sports teams.

“You see so much division in our country and everybody is trying to make stances on whatever side but for us it’s not about a side it’s to say it doesn’t matter we are coming together—We are family,” he said.

I think that’s the ultimate vision of what God’s call is for us to live in community as one and to love each other no matter what the differences are.”

The team wore the shirts for the duration of warm-ups and some players continued to wear their shirt throughout the game. The night concluded in a win for the Johnson Royals 92-90.

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