KNOXVILLE —With finals on the horizon, students can easily feel overwhelmed. The annual Miller Scott Banquet gives Johnson University students a chance to unwind during a busy time.

The banquet is slated for 6:15 p.m. Monday. JUTN students have the opportunity to take a break from the books and enjoy a night of merriment while being served and entertained by JUTN faculty and staff. The night includes dinner and a show.

Carrie Overdorf, one of the event’s main coordinators, said that the Miller Scott Banquet is about tradition, pointing out that the funds for the feast are provided by a special endowment put in place by Allen Miller and John Scott.

Miller and Scott graduated from Johnson in 1924 and continue to bless the campus community through their generosity.

After dinner, which will be served at 6:15 p.m., members of the faculty and staff provide special entertainment in the Phillips-Welsheimer Auditorium.

This entertainment is always kept secret until the night of the performance.

“What I want for the students is just one little break before finals,” Overdorf said. “They can let things go, dress up a little bit, have some good food, good laughs, good pictures and good memories. That kind of thing we don’t do on campus a lot I don’t think, all together anyway.”

While JUTN has several Christmas festivities, the Miller Scott Banquet is a unique opportunity for students.



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