Scribe staff looking for new reporters in spring semester

KNOXVILLE — The Royal Scribe staff is looking for new reporters and contributors for the spring semester. Reporting for the Royal Scribe is open to all students on all Johnson Campuses.

Royal Scribe staff meetings are 1 p.m. Wednesdays in the EAC, room 440. New and returning students who have an interest in reporting for the Royal Scribe are encouraged to attend for more information. The editorial staff can work with interested students on other campuses.  Attendance at the weekly meetings is not required to join the staff.

The Royal Scribe platform allows students to build a portfolio through reports in written text, video, audio, photography and other multimedia formats.

Students who participate learn valuable communication skills and get to be a part of documenting campus and community life. Matthew Broaddus serves as the Royal Scribe faculty advisor.

“If you are serious about learning journalism and practicing your craft, it is one of the best outlets for students on campus,” Broaddus said. “It allows you to be involved in the community, develop professional relationships and understand how a media outlet works.

Students can participate in the Royal Scribe as a club, Fine Arts, or Arts and Science Selective.

In 2017, the Scribe had more than 24,000 views and nearly 10,000 unique visitors from 128 countries. The majority of the international traffic came from Brazil, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and Russia.

The Royal Scribe office is located in EAC room 445. For more information about weekly meetings, to ask questions about the Royal Scribe, or to suggest a story idea, please email or Chastedy Johnson at

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2017 Royal Scribe global readership.

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