Taylor Gilpin, left, and Tanner Gilpin are pictured together after the Royals win earlier this season. (Photo by Briley Hutchinson)

The Johnson University Royals Men’s Basketball team is set to play the Milligan College Buffaloes at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, at Milligan.

After beating Milligan 103 to 95 at their last meeting, team members are hopeful for another win over the Buffs.

And, for one Royal, the game involves a little family rivalry and a reunion of sorts.

Junior Taylor Gilpin’s brother, Tanner Gilpin, attends Milligan.

“I’m really excited. It’s fun to play Milligan since they recruited me my senior year,” Taylor Gilpin said. “[With] Tanner being there, it’s just fun competing against them.”

Tanner Gilpin said he always cheers for his brother and likes to see him succeed. He said the only real competition between them is playing video games and making memes.

Taylor Gilpin said that the Royals fast-pace of play is what clinched their last win over the Buffs.

“We’re a really quick team. And, we like to press and push the ball up the court really fast and try to get shots up quickly,” Taylor Gilpin said about the team’s strategy during the last game against Milligan.

He said the team members hope to win the remainder of their games this season.

“We want to win regionals because that’ll be the first time Johnson has won regionals since 2006,” Taylor Gilpin said.

The basketball game will be at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, at Milligan College, in Johnson City.

Posted by Abigail Guthrie

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