Some SCCA programs relocating to new home

KNOXVILLE— Two School of Communication and Creative Arts programs are moving to a new home soon.

The transitional building, which is being built behind Richardson Hall, will be the new home of the Johnson University worship and music education program. A portion of the building will also house part of Campus Services.

“The current expected move in time is not date-specific, but will be by the end of February,” Kevin O’Brien, the capital project owner’s representative, said.

O’Brien said the first floor, housing the worship and music education programs, has four soundproofed office spaces and four soundproof practice rooms for students to use.

A new technology-enhanced classroom and a spacious choir classroom are also being prepared for the transition.

The building will also house a smaller controlled access server farm and data center for building connectivity.

O’Brien said the fate of Alumni Memorial Chapel, the building the worship and music education programs are moving out of, has not been determined.

Once the programs move to the transition building, the AMC will be off-limits to the public.

O’Brien said the JU Trustees will hopefully determine what to do with the AMC at their February meeting.

thumbnail_Screenshot 2018-01-26 00.14.33
Floorplan of transitional building for the Johnson University worship and music education program.

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