SCCA students, faculty see new facility for first time


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KNOXVILLE — Music Education and worship students and faculty got the chance to preview the new transitional building Wednesday.

The building will be the home of the worship and music education programs, which are part of the School of Communication and Creative Arts at JU.

As the students and faculty made their way into the new building, they appeared excited to see that although the building is called the transitional building, it was built with their stay in mind.

With soundproof rooms and a lounge area, several students said it was a change for the better.

“I’m excited about the new space and look forward to not smelling mold,” Braden Harris, class of 2020, said.

While on the tour, students appeared ecstatic about the new soundproof practice rooms, especially in comparison to the current facilities.

“The university invested a lot into soundproofing and creating space for students to practice and learn,” Matthew Broaddus, dean of the School of Communication and Creative Arts, said. “The choir room, practice rooms and offices are soundproof up to 42 decibels, so students should really have a sense of privacy while practicing.”

Students were also excited about the new spacious choir room.

“[This is] a place I’ll look forward to coming to,” Caleb Kiffin, class of 2021, said. “I’m excited to have a new facility that has everything close together compared to our current situation.”

Broaddus told the students that they will likely move into the new facility March 7.

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