JU sophomore promotes trauma discussion through SPSU

Shae Pierre-Jean

Shae Pierre-Jean has a passion for survivors of trauma and has used her involvement with Students Promoting Social Unity to foster a more open conversation on campus regarding these issues.

Pierre-Jean has been involved with SPSU since the fall semester and joined after meeting SPSU President Chastedy Johnson, who invited her to join the organization.

“It was all a God thing,” Pierre-Jean said of being at Johnson. “I had never heard of Johnson until I became an intern at a church.”

She said a campus visit cemented her desire to attend Johnson.

“I came to this campus and fell in love with how peaceful it was,” she said. “Everything just fell into place. That’s how I knew it was a God thing for me to be here.”

Pierre-Jean is a Human Services major with an emphasis in counseling.

She said her aim is to specialize in trauma, particularly survivors that are women and girls.

During the 2017-18 year, SPSU has focused heavily on the conversation regarding abuse, and Pierre-Jean said that people are starting to know what SPSU is and know the issues on which the organization focuses.

“We’ve been trying to be more active and intentional about being out there,” she said. “One thing Johnson can get better at is talking about how life really happens.

What can you do when you encounter someone who has been traumatized due to life experiences?” she asked.

SPSU recently sponsored a panel discussion focused on abuse, and is planning future events focusing on the topic.

“I was amazed at the conversation and how much feedback we got from our panel,” Pierre-Jean said. “I was amazed by how many people came.”

Pierre-Jean said some teachers offered extra credit to students who attended the panel, but she said she is only aware of five students who came for extra credit.

“People who were there were there because they wanted to hear and be a part of the discussion on abuse,” she said. “I’m excited to see what the upcoming semester is going to be like for us.”

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