KNOXVILLE—Three intramural basketball games took place Monday night, in which the black team beat the purple team and now holds the lead in the league standings.

The black team defeated the Purple team by a score of 66-61. The black team now has a record of 4-1, the best in intramural basketball.

Neither team held a lead of more than 7 at any point in the game, contrasting the black team’s previous game, which they won by close to 40 points against the brown team.

“A lot of people take intramurals seriously, but our team just [wants] to have fun out there, Isaac Fife, a player from the black team, said after their game.

In the game before, the blue team beat the red team, and in the game following, the white team narrowly beat the brown team.

Sam Baggett, an instructor at JUTN attended the blue-red game.

“I went to the intramural basketball game last night to support a friend from my church small group, but I didn’t expect to be so entertained.” He said.

He said the players were competitive and physical.

Intramural basketball will continue with three more games on Thursday night.


Players prepare for a rebound in the final minutes of the Black-Purple game.


Posted by Drew Hudnall

Graduated from Johnson University in 2010 with a B.S. in Music and Worship Ministry. Lived in Brazil for several years, got married, moved back to the United States and worked as an educational specialist in a drug rehab facility for youth. Enrolled in Johnson again in 2017 to pursue a second undergraduate degree in English. Planning to enroll in graduate school soon.

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