ICS student passionate about translating Bible for unreached groups


EDITOR’S NOTE: Some of the names in this story have been changed to protect the identity of students going into missions in sensitive locations.

KNOXVILLE — Johnathan Tyler is a freshman at Johnson University Tennessee campus. He is in the School of Intercultural Studies, focusing on linguistics.

He came to Johnson University from his home in Mansfield, Ohio this past fall to begin his education and to move towards his goal of translating the Bible into unreached people groups’ native tongue.

“The fact that more than… 1,500 people groups don’t have access to the Bible in their language is overwhelming and it’s unbelievable that that’s the case.” he said. “Since God put onto my heart to go into this type of mission work, it’s really the only thing I can think about.”

Missions isn’t all Tyler is passionate about. He says, “I love music. I grew up around it and it has really shaped who I am today.”(Photo from Tyler)

From a young age, Tyler felt God tell him to model his life after Jesus and teach others about His Word.

Now that he is in college, he is figuring out what this calling looks like.

“Once I graduate with my undergrad, I do plan on continuing my study in linguistics,” he said. “After I finish the necessary graduate courses, I will hopefully move on to work alongside a Bible translating organization and follow where the Lord leads me.”

Tyler is currently enjoying his time at Johnson University and learning more about the Lord and what He is doing regarding unreached people groups.

“As I learned more about it [unreached people groups] I began to just model my life around this issue and live my life focusing on a solution,” he said.  “It’s just become an incredible passion of mine and when I talk and even think about it, I get so excited about the future and what the Lord is going to do.”


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