Royal Wellness adds children’s classes to their program

KNOXVILLE — The Royal Wellness program is dedicated to providing tools for healthy living on Johnson University Tennessee campus, and now they are introducing a new class specifically aimed at the children of the community.

Associate Professor of Sports and Fitness Leadership and founder of the Royal Wellness program, Dr. Trevor Egli, gave his input on the just what newest addition of the program, ‘Royal Kids’, involves.

“Essentially what it’s going to be is functional movement for kids” Egli described. “The age range was initially 5-9 years of age, but we actually have from four-year-olds, at the youngest, to 12-year-olds.”

When asked about what the classes for the kids include, Egli replied with all of the things that the program has planned.

“Really it’s getting the kids moving by doing a lot of body weight movement, and try to make it fun,” Egli said. “There may be a little bit of weights, but it will be very light, because even kids can do a little bit of weight training. At that age it’s mostly about having fun with learning about correct form, weight, and movement patterns.”

Monica McKnight, who has been connected with Royal Wellness for several years, is in charge of Royal Kids program.

“Her work with Royal Kids is completely  volunteer,” Egli explained. “She has plenty of experience and certification to be doing something like this.”

Egli explained why he believes Royal Kid’s Classes will benefit Royal Wellness program and local community as a whole.

“If we can include the family, which does include the kids, we’re able to accommodate a larger group and expand for the Johnson community.”

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