Local Crown College in state of mourning

KNOXVILLE — Last week Crown College entered a time of mourning as one of their own, Blake Smith, a junior, was found dead Feb. 5, after going missing over the weekend.

Crown College held prayer vigils Sunday, Feb. 4 and Monday Feb. 5 for Smith, according to Knox News.

Tuesday, Founder and President of Crown College, Clarence Sexton, released a message asking for continued prayers for the family and friends of Smith.

WATE reported that around 1,000 Crown College students gathered Wednesday to pray for Blake Smith’s family and to remember the kind and Godly man he was.

Also on Wednesday, Sexton said on Facebook, “We’re going to be alright because God is still on the throne, and He is still able to help us through anything. Let’s trust Him in it.”

According to Knox News and the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, the cause of death has been linked to “hypothermia/drowning, and his death appears to be accidental.”

Smith, 20, was last seen on Saturday, Feb. 3. Knox News reported that he had left work at Weed Man Lawn Care and stopped at his dorm before leaving again.

His last known location was determined to be Admiral Farragut Park in Knoxville, according to a photo he posted to Instagram Saturday, Feb. 3.

Smith’s car was found Sunday, Feb. 4, wrecked at a construction site off East Old Topside Road in Louisville, roughly 7½ miles from the park, wrote Knox News.

Feb. 5, a body was recovered half a mile from the construction site. Tuesday, the Knox County Regional Forensic Center confirmed the body to be Smith.

Investigation is still underway and more is yet to be released.

Crown College plans to hold a formal memorial service for Smith at a later date. Johnson students are encouraged to pray for Smith’s family and friends in this time of mourning.

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