Dare to See suicide prevention event to be held tonight

Doors open at 6 p.m tonight in The Square Room for the free event, Dare to See, held by New City Resources. There will be speakers, music and resources all on the topic of suicide awareness and prevention.

Johnson University Tennessee student, Olivia Martin, works as the event coordinator for NCF, and has been heavily involved in the planning of this event.

“We know that everyone deals with pain and suffering on different levels, but a part of the human experience is knowing pain,“ Martin said. “So, we want to dare people to see the good beyond that, and to see the tools and the support that is there for them, and to reach out for help when they need it.”

Several local artists which will be performing tonight.

“It‘s going to be an evening of singing and song. Johnson’s own singer and songwriter Tanner Rutherford, Daje Morris, Joey Jennings, Starfish Prime, and Farrugut Highschool’s next up and coming rock band will all be there.”

Tennessee Suicide Prevention network, Johnson University’s counseling center, and Ebeneezer counseling services will be there to give assistance and resources to attendees.

“They will all have information about the services they provide, and some tools,” Martin said.

There will also be several speakers there to help initiate and guide discussion on suicide.

“We are going to have a couple of different speakers and some testimonies, Martin said. “As well as some actual information about why there is a need for suicide prevention.”

Martin said she wants the resources provided at this event to uplift all who attend.

“Its going to be an encouraging evening,” Martin said. “Obviously suicide is a heavy topic. Since we know that so many people have been effected by it, this will be a safe environment for those emotions.”

The show is expected to fill quickly, and it is recommended for people to arrive when the doors open.

“While there are not tickets, there is a capacity,” Martin explained. “I would say to get there early, and get your seats.”

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