KNOXVILLE     Soccer brought Abigail Barron to Johnson University where she has excelled, both on and off the field, while pursuing her goals.

Before coming to Johnson, Barron graduated from Summit High School in Franklin, TN. She learned about the university through soccer recruitment and said she felt at home the first time she visited campus.

“I did a tour and everyone just made me feel very loved, and valued, and included, so I came and I tried it out,” Barron said.

Barron, now a junior, is excited for the year to come, and especially for a new season with her team. She said that the relationship they all have is one of her favorite things about being a student-athlete in college.

“We can all be real with each other, be crazy, and all have our own interests but also come back together as a community with different interests and still enjoy that part of each other,” Barron said.

She was originally majoring in Intercultural Studies so that she could do mission work, however, she felt called to pursue Sports and Fitness Leadership instead. She said she does not have specific plans for what she would like to do after she graduates.

“I’d like to do something with sports ministry,” Barron said. “I don’t know what that will look like though.”







Posted by Jenna Stahlman

Jenna Stahlman is Editor-in-Chief of the Royal Scribe. She is studying mass communications at Johnson University. Although she was born and raised in Northwestern Pennsylvania, her heart is in Tennessee. She enjoys spending time with her horse, hiking, photography, and fishing.

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