The boys and girls soccer teams faced Kentucky Christian University at South Doyle High School on Oct. 4. 

The boys played first. With fans chanting “let’s go Royals” from the stands and coach Spenser Proctor advising the team from the sideline, the boys put “in an amazing effort”, according to freshman Benjamin Strunk.


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In the end, the team fell to the Kentucky Christian Knights 4-1 with the one goal being scored by Keenan Ross.

The girls followed later in the night. While they did lose to the Kentucky Christian Knights 3-2, they played a “stressful show stopper game,” according to freshman Will Clark. The two goals were scored by Abby Barron and Shelby Green. During the game, many of the fans got into various chants echoing throughout the stands including the word “koinonia”, the theme of chapel this semester.

The boys play next this Saturday at 1 p.m. versus Appalachian Bible College. The girls play next next Tuesday at 7 p.m. versus Welch College.

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Drew Tapp is Royal Scribe’s Assistant Editor. He graduated from Southport High School in Indianapolis, IN. He is a freshman studying Preaching and Youth Ministry. In addition to working in youth ministry, Drew hopes to obtain his master’s and doctorate in the New Testament. One thing he would enjoy in the future is watching a kid bring their friend to Christ and then baptizing them, as he has a heart for middle and high school students and believes that they will radically change the world. Some of his hobbies include crosswords, watching Netflix, and spending time with friends. His passions include working with refugees and supporting his friends. He wanted to attend Johnson because of the belonging he felt when visiting, and the great ministry program. He appreciates the uncommon community and the support and love people give each other at Johnson. His favorite thing about the local area is getting to the top of a hike and looking out at the view. It reminds him that things in life may seem big and impossible to deal with, but in reality are quite small, and he serves a great God who will help him through them.

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