JUFL’s Missions Emphasis Week focuses on justice

Johnson University Florida welcomed dozens of missionaries and missions organizations Oct. 2-4 for Missions Emphasis Week.

Noteworthy among them was featured speaker David Peters, a JU alumnus and Director of Strategic Planning for Rapha House. He shared about God’s desire for justice and the work of Rapha house.

His first message of the week clearly laid out the calling of all Christians to justice from Matt. 23: 23-24. He said, “whatever you think your particular calling is, whether you are right about it or whether you are wrong about it, there are some things that I know you are called to,” that is, the weightier matters of the law.

He summarized the church’s primary calling as the need to pursue justice for all “the marginalized, the forgotten, the oppressed, the powerless,  and the voiceless more diligently than any other institution in the world.”

The pursuit of justice for oppressed people is precisely why Rapha House exists. Rapha House is a nonprofit organization whose primary goal is to end sex trafficking and slavery around the world through the raising of awareness and the rescue and aftercare of survivors.

Although efforts have been directed towards this mission, there are still 40-46 million people in slavery today. A large percentage of them being children.

Rapha House has participated in Missions Emphasis Week for several years. Florida Christian and Johnson students have been involved in their work on various levels from donations to missions trips.

During this week, some students have committed to supporting the cause of Rapha House both financially and prayerfully. Brittnay Parsons, a junior, reflected on the work of Rapha House: “I have never witnessed God’s power more than I have through learning about Rapha House.”

Peters understood that not every student’s fight for justice looks the same. However, all students were exhorted to seek justice in every sphere of their lives. “There is justice to be done in the home”, explained Peters.

As the book of Micah says, “What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?”

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