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What Riles me up with Riley: Fire alarms

You know what Riles me up: The FIRE ALARM GOING OFF AT 11 AT NIGHT. I’m talking to you Burnt Popcorn Guy. We all know that it’s your fault. Honestly, if you don’t stop burning the midnight popcorn, I’m going to find a way to ban popcorn at Johnson like Crown College bans bananas. Romans 14:21 says, “It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother or sister to fall.” Look Burnt Popcorn Guy, your popcorn habit is causing all of us to fall. The sad and angry expressions on all of our faces are not godly. Seriously, you’re causing all of us to be paranoid when it comes to popcorn now. I saw popcorn at Walmart the other day, instinctively ran to the clothing section, grabbed shorts, and ran out. This isn’t just your fault though Burnt Popcorn Guy. It’s the university’s fault as well for taking our safety this seriously. When they bring us out there, we know darn well that this fire alarm isn’t legit. It’s like lobby couples, unnecessary and annoying.

I was able to speak with a Joe King who is responsible for arriving to the scene when these fire alarms go off. He had this to say:

“Because of Burnt Popcorn Guy, I’ve sacrificed everything: my wife, my kids, and any free time I could possibly have. When I have to wake up in the middle of the night to see the same desolate burnt bag, I cannot control my despair. People that participate in this crime should consider themselves as second class citizens on par with thieves, murderers and Ben Rector fans.”

On a personal note Burnt Popcorn Guy, I was almost you. Last year in my first semester at JU I almost set off the fire alarm…but I didn’t. Like everyone else, I used common sense and threw my microwave out of the window. So actually, there is no sympathy here. Get your stuff together Burnt Popcorn Guy. You’re making us suffer.
Did I ask the university to take safety this seriously? No. I did not. Let me be the judge of whether I need to evacuate the building. In fact, I think that it would be best to combat these fire alarm drills with: No Koinonia! No participation! Pop some head phones in and tough it out. If you see some flames or smoke, then consider taking them out. Johnson University needs to have more faith. We’re a Bible college for crying out loud. We’re not going down in some popcorn related fire. We have people on campus that are the future pastors of America. Nothing bad is going to happen to us.
As I did on my last “What Riles Me Up” segment, I want a call for action from Burnt Popcorn Guy, from Johnson, and from the world at large. Burnt Popcorn Guy, get your stuff together. We have windows for a reason. Crack it open if you happen to burn your popcorn. This is your final warning. Seriously, imma be coming at you like a thief in the night if you don’t. If you consider burning your popcorn, I think you should remember some wise words. Dwight Shrute once said, “Before I do anything, I ask myself: Would an idiot do that? If the answer is ‘No’, I do not do that thing.” Think like Dwight guys. It’s not that hard.

As for Johnson, I realize sleep is important. So, let’s not play any political games. In fact, one Johnson math major says that Johnson students lose an average of 6 hours of sleep each semester due to fire alarm drills. If you want us to perform better in the class room, provide for us a means to get some rest. I also realize that we here a Johnson are #blessed. If someone goes down in a fire, they must not be holy enough #shadrach#meshach and #abednego. As Smokey the Bear once said, “Only you can prevent Johnson University fire alarms.”

Do you have something that Riles you up? Here at the Royal scribe, we are for the people, and your opinion needs to be heard. If there is something that you would like me to rant about, you can email me at


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Opinion: Christians should be advocates in government

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, the 2018 midterm elections took place. At the end of the night, the Republicans maintained control of the Senate and the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives.

While there are still a few races waiting to be called, it is clear that America will have a divided government. In the past when there has been a divided government, it has taken people on both sides of the aisle to compromise so that laws could get passed. Now many fear that in the current political climate politicians won’t work together.

Another thing Christians need to keep in mind is whether or not this government is going to be one that supports Christian ideals. To illustrate this point, I’ll use Deuteronomy 27:19 to compare and contrast a few Christian ideals with current politics.

Deuteronomy 27:19 says, “‘Cursed be anyone who perverts the justice due to the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’”

So let’s start by talking about the sojourner. First, it’s probably going to be easier to talk about the sojourner in terms we use today. Let’s call them an “immigrant”. Second, when you say that, depending on your political leaning, you’re going to have two different reactions. However, we as Christians cannot ignore the teachings throughout the Bible that say to care for the immigrant. We have to care for them and we cannot care for them if we don’t let them into our country. The idea of building a wall along the border is idiotic. However, if you are a firm believer in the idea that we shouldn’t let immigrants into this country, then what can we do to help them? We cannot, as Christians, sit idly by and watch them be poor in their home countries and do nothing. We are called to be active in our faith and that means taking an active role in helping those that we can.

Now let’s talk about the fatherless, also known as the “orphan”. In modern political talk, this can transition to the discussion of welfare. Many Republicans want to cut welfare or put more regulations on it, while many Democrats want to expand it. Which of these two options sounds more like it “perverts the justice of the fatherless?” As Christians, we should try and support the fatherless as best we can, which also means we need to support governmental policies that help them.

Lastly, let’s talk about the widow. At the time Deuteronomy was written, widows couldn’t provide for themselves because women weren’t allowed to work or own land in most cases. In modern terms, this means that we need to support policies that help care for those who can’t provide for themselves. This means doing things that help those who are temporarily unemployed, the elderly, etc. Republicans often times want to cut spending in those areas.

Neither side is perfect. While Democrats typically are a little bit better at supporting policies that help the immigrant, the widowed, or the orphan as mentioned earlier, there are a lot of policies they do support that go against Christian ideals (e.g. their support of abortion or same sex marriage). However, one cannot be too quick to just say, “Well since Republicans are pro-life and anti-same sex marriage they’re the party I’ll support.” Republicans often want to cut programs, such as welfare or healthcare, that help the immigrant, the widow or the orphan. Neither party is perfect, but as Christians we must take an active role in our societies, which yes, does include our various governments, and try to use them as an instrument of good to the best of our ability. 

So, as the 116th Congress prepares to gavel in let us pray for them all, and more specifically, let’s pray that they are able to put their partisan blinders down and work across the aisle to do good for our country.



Large turnout for Coffeehouse

Johnson University held its first Coffeehouse of the 2018-19 school year on Monday, Nov. 5.

Coffee was sold by the Underground Coffeeshop for $1 per cup, and the Johnson community gathered together to watch their friends and classmates perform in the television room of the Underground.

Many sang songs, some of which they wrote, while others performed comedy acts. Some students even displayed their artwork for everyone to see.

Sixteen different acts performed on the public stage, in addition to the six pieces of artwork that were on display. Over seventy students showed up to support their JU community.

Andrew Isenberg, a sophomore, performed four songs at Coffeehouse, two of which he wrote.

“I was humbled by not only the extraordinary display of talent in the show, but the attitude and fervor of both the audience and fellow performers,” Isenberg said.

Whitney McIntyre, a sophomore, helped plan the event as part of the committee of social activities for Student Government Association.

“Being on the social activities committee for SGA, I was able to help plan a little for Coffeehouse,” McIntyre said. “It was super fun being a part of hosting auditions and being able to get excited beforehand about the acts that were performing for the student body. Everybody on the social activities committee did an amazing job working together to plan such a wonderful event.”


JUTN Volleyball team wins first Regional match


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The Lady Royals beat the Boyce Bulldogs in three sets in their first Regional match.

As Regional play began, the ladies were excited to take to the court. After three matches that went 25-16, 25-14 and 25-15 respectively, the Johnson Royals came out victorious.

As the ladies head into the rest of the pool play this weekend, Coach Robin Vannoy hopes the team will keep playing hard as they continue to progress.

“We didn’t play our best game,” Vannoy said. “We missed a lot of serves, and if we’re going to continue going on in the tournament, then we’ve got to stay focused. Luckily we did some other things that were good and helped us out there in the end, but this is a great group of girls and I think they’ll come back fighting strong (on Friday).”

President Tommy Smith offered 25 free tickets to the first 25 students to email him, “I HAVE ROYALS PRIDE,” in an effort to get students out to the game. Students Wes Porter and Nick Willet were chanting “we’re VIPs” before the match started after winning some of the tickets.