Large turnout for Coffeehouse

Johnson University held its first Coffeehouse of the 2018-19 school year on Monday, Nov. 5.

Coffee was sold by the Underground Coffeeshop for $1 per cup, and the Johnson community gathered together to watch their friends and classmates perform in the television room of the Underground.

Many sang songs, some of which they wrote, while others performed comedy acts. Some students even displayed their artwork for everyone to see.

Sixteen different acts performed on the public stage, in addition to the six pieces of artwork that were on display. Over seventy students showed up to support their JU community.

Andrew Isenberg, a sophomore, performed four songs at Coffeehouse, two of which he wrote.

“I was humbled by not only the extraordinary display of talent in the show, but the attitude and fervor of both the audience and fellow performers,” Isenberg said.

Whitney McIntyre, a sophomore, helped plan the event as part of the committee of social activities for Student Government Association.

“Being on the social activities committee for SGA, I was able to help plan a little for Coffeehouse,” McIntyre said. “It was super fun being a part of hosting auditions and being able to get excited beforehand about the acts that were performing for the student body. Everybody on the social activities committee did an amazing job working together to plan such a wonderful event.”

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