Post-storm Florida campus resuming normal operations

Kissimmee, Fla. – Johnson University Florida sustained no storm damage during Hurricane Dorian and will now allow commuters back on campus and classes will resume Monday.

JUFL administered a successful three-day lockdown which was lifted at 12:30 p.m., Sept. 4.

“Every student remained safe who stayed on campus,” Student Community and Resident Director, Micaela Cox said. “Overall I think it was a success – both in terms of safety and in terms of building relationships on campus and fostering more community.”

As the storm was not severe on Sept. 2, students were released for approximately seven hours before returning to the Chapman Center that night.

Executive Vice President of JUFL, Michael Chambers, was in and out every day to keep watch on the university. He said he was very thankful for the shelter staff and employees that remained on campus.

JUFL Incident Response Team tracks Hurricane Dorian throughout the week.

“Members of the JUFL Incident Response Team worked flawlessly to provide for the needs of the 83 individuals who sheltered on campus for parts of three days during Hurricane Doria,” Chambers said. “I am thankful that the storm’s effects were minimal, but I am gratified that the University’s emergency procedures and staffing plan were so capably carried out by the Team under disruptive and stressful circumstances.”  

The Incident Response Team will have a debriefing on Friday. Chambers said at this point in their recovery plan they will try to learn from what happened.

This week, plant management services, library services, and other campus staff are preparing for the return of classes. Precautionary sheets and tape are being taken down, and outdoor furniture is being set up from where it was being stored indoors.

As the storm did not pass directly over JUFL, campus staff express mixed feelings about their preparations.

“It is hard to not be ambivalent about the effects of the storm because we invested such considerable effort and time in making preparations,” Chamber said. “But it is also hard to regret that we made those preparations. The downside is that the next time we have an event, which could still be this season, that people [will] take it less seriously in preparation. We will not.”

As JUFL staff have dealt with hurricanes several times in the past, they are prepared for the next one.

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