Johnson’s Literary Magazine to hold informational meeting

The Johnson University Literary Magazine will hold an informational meeting for this year at 11 a.m. Sep. 21st and at 12 p.m. Sep. 23rd, both in the Underground. Both meetings are identical – but the Saturday meeting includes doughnuts. Meetings are not necessarily commitments, and will include details of writing and submitting stories for the magazine.

For students who enjoy the art and variety of creative writing, the Literary Magazine provides a fun, imagination-fueled opportunity to publish your work for the reader’s pleasure. Students will have the opportunity to write alongside fellow students and even professors, as well as receiving feedback.

The main discussion points in the Literary Magazine’s Informational Meetings will be a summary of all the magazine offers, due dates and commitments, and getting to meet fellow creative writers.

“Basically, I wanted students to have confidence in their writing, (um) creative writing, which a lot of students are not confident in.” Karysa Parrott Humphrey, the Literary Magazine’s founder, said.

Literary Magazine founder, Karysa Parrot-Humphrey, and editor, Rebecca Book

Humphrey and editor Rebecca Book both wanted to ensure writers understood the variety of art they featured. The Literary Magazine showcases everything from Biblical writings to horror stories, and even includes photography.

“A lot of people think creative writing is just stories,” Book said. “But it is short stories, poetry, all different things.”

Book also mentioned plans to expand on their art inclusivity in the coming year, naming more traditional art, the pairing of writers and photographers, and the coloring of images showcased in the magazine.

The Literary Magazine is a chance for students to try creative writing and gain feedback from readers, peers, and even professors – who occasionally join in on the writing, as the magazine is open to everyone.

Humphrey and Book feel lucky to have the support of students and professors alike, and they love to see the confidence of their writers grow.

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