Upcoming JUFL mission emphasis week

KISSIMMEE – Johnson University Florida’s Harvester’s Club is hosting their annual mission emphasis week Sept. 23 through Sept. 26. 10 mission organizations will be on campus and seven workshops will take place in the Johnson University Florida private dining hall throughout the week.

The mission organizations in attendance are Christian Mission Fellowship, Team Expansion, Score International, International Justice Mission, Removing Barriers Initiative, Graceland Ministries, Outreach International, Rapha House, New International, and Global City Mission Initiative.

Harvester’s Club president, Alyssa Price, has been inviting mission organizations and creating schedules for the week for the past three years. This year’s group is a mix of new missions and returners. 

“We have a mission coming in that’s trying to bridge the gap between people with disabilities,” Price said. “We have people that are specifically working with unreached people groups and missionaries coming in that that are working with survivors of sex-trafficking.”

Mission organizations will be speaking five minutes before certain classes, and workshops will be held in the private dining hall every afternoon.

JUFL Mission Emphasis Week Workshop Schedule

Workshops are a time for students to become more familiar with specific organizations.

“Some missionaries bring in pizza or a game,” Price said. “Some people use it as a class to teach on things that apply to their mission. It’s just their time to do what they want in order to share their organization with our student body.”

This year, workshops will also count for up to three Chapel make-ups, which will count for past or future misses. 

The international food-tasting festival will take place Thursday. Missionaries, faculty, and students will contribute global food for the event. A henna tattoo artist will do feet, hand, or back tattoos for $10 cash. 

“There’s always a lot of fun,” Price said. “There’s music and henna tattoos. It’s a favorite event on campus.” 

New students have been encouraged to participate in mission emphasis week.

“These missionaries are doing incredible work,” Price said. “There’s so many different opportunities you have just to make connections. And especially for mission majors: get an internship; get a job. Talk to the people when they’re standing at their tables. There’s a lot to learn.”

Students will receive mission week emphasis schedules at the beginning of the week. 

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