First JUFL Freshman Cornerstone retreat held at Lake Aurora last weekend

KISSIMMEE – Johnson University Florida was able to hold a Freshman Cornerstone retreat Sept. 29-Oct. 1 at Lake Aurora Christian Camp due to coordination with Johnson University Tennessee, the non-profit organization A-Gap, and a donation from Natalie’s Island Orchard Juice Company. 

JU dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Gary Stratton, asked JUFL Associate Professor of Humanities and Director of first-year programs, Shawn Grant, to help organize a Freshman Cornerstone Retreat for JUFL students. 

Grant has led ministry retreats and taken students on international trips, but this was his first time taking university students on a school-function retreat. 

The trip is now part of Freshman Cornerstone curriculum, because it carries out the course’s goal. 

“The purpose of the Freshman Cornerstone class is to help students be successful in college and also to be successful at Johnson University, specifically,” Grant said. 

Because Johnson is a community-oriented school, the goal of the trip was to guide students into meaningful relationships with God and one another. 

Grant worked with A-Gap Executive Director Bethany Baker to create technology-free and community-oriented curriculum.

Baker is a 2016 JUFL alumna and has, therefore, worked with Johnson University on previous occasions. 

Natalie’s Island Orchard Juice Company founder and CEO Mary Sexton started A-Gap in awareness of technology’s unfavorable effects on relationships and performance. The organization’s goal is “to explore practical applications that develop & deepen one’s personal, family & spiritual life.”

To find out more about the A-Gap program click here.

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