Senior Capstone Retreat to be held mid-October

KNOXVILLE – The Senior Capstone Retreat will be held this year on October 10-12 at Wafloy Retreat Center in Gatlinburg.

This retreat is dedicated to students taking Senior Capstone to work on their case study projects away from the distractions of the school.

Ron Wheeler and Mark Weedman are the professors who instruct the Senior Capstone courses.

“We calculated that we actually achieve about two and a half weeks worth of classroom instruction during the retreat,” Wheeler said.

Every senior is required to go, and they all go at the same time. Most of the retreat is spent working in groups on their case study project. Each group chooses their case study and begins to analyze it.

“It’s not hard work,” Wheeler said. “…they’re not reading a lot and they are not doing any research, but they’re doing a lot of analyses.”

However, Wheeler assures students that there are some enjoyable activities there, as well.

“Friday afternoon after lunch, until supper, is a block of rec time,” he said. “And they can hike. There’s some facilities there. Play volleyball, basketball.”

There is also a spiritual aspect to the retreat. There are several times dedicated to worship and devotion.

The retreat provides opportunities for students to simultaneously engage in academic, spiritual, and recreational activities.

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