Writing consultations available for Fall semester at JUTN

KNOXVILLE- Kendra Fullwood, an English professor at Johnson University, opens writing consultations for the fall semester available to all students.

Writing consultations are open on Mondays from 1 to 3 p.m. and Wednesdays 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Both sessions are held in Study Room 1 in the library. Consultations are open to all students.

“Writing consultations are to help students with their writing and writing assignments, and help comes in many forms,” Fullwood said. “Help could be just coming, sitting down, talking about the paper assignment. You could come and we could go over the paper assignment together.”

Kendra Fullwood, JUTN English Professor

Students do not have to have a full draft when they visit Fullwood. A partial draft or brainstorming notes can be brought in, as well. As long as there is a contribution to the writing of their project, she is glad to help anyone who needs her.

Students can just walk in during the consultation hours on Monday and Wednesday. If a student cannot make it to either session, he or she can email Professor Fullwood and set up a separate time.

“Sometimes that’s all you need; it’s just to talk about what you need and how to get organized and to go over things,” Fullwood said.

Fullwood has helped students in their writing in the past and loves to see the progression of students. Although she is the only instructor in these consultations, she wants to reach as many students as she can to help them further their skills in writing.

She believes in the value of students’ writing and comprehension and wants to help them develop and hone their literary skills. She strives to help students better their writing abilities in assignments, as well as in their every day lives, and hopes these consultations will do just that.

Students will receive guidance in their literary narratives, technical advice in their writing, and anything else with which they may need assistance.

Though everyone is welcome, Fullwood mails out flyers specifically to first year students, in an effort to ensure that no academic resource is missed out on.

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