Holistic Wellness: Sprint by Faith, Not by Sight

KNOXVILLE – With the Athletic Recreation Complex officially open, the Royal Wellness programs at Johnson are now available to improve the physical and mental well-being of the community.
According to the Royal Wellness registration page, the fall semester offers eight fitness classes everyone can choose from. With the exception of the self-defense series, which occurs on the first Saturday morning of every month, sessions are once or twice a week from Monday to Thursday.
The wide range of athletics includes fencing, spin class, water aerobics, yoga, and more. The amount of variety in classes and time slots appeals to countless work and college schedules as well as multiple personalities.
For example, those who are very energetic can benefit from dancing in Zumba or building strength in Royal Fit. Others looking for a way to clear the mind or join a less physically intense sport may look to yoga or getting in the pool.
The RW registration page does ask for a 15-dollar payment at the beginning of each semester, but there are benefits to becoming a part of at least one wellness class.

Debbie Garces, student participant in Zumba.

“It’s a way to get me out of my head, exercise is,” Debbie Garces, a sophomore participant in the Monday night Zumba class, said. “I go into a good mental health place when I exercise, and it keeps my brain from imploding on itself.”
On top of promoting use of the new ARC, Royal Wellness provides JU students and employees a space to take a break from stress and the daily challenges of work and school. Another benefit is the positive social interaction and fellowship with others of a similar interest.
Certified instructors and program leaders offer their services on top of other daily responsibilities, an each hour spent teaching new forms of fitness or other healthy habits reveals their willingness to create a healthy lifestyle throughout the JU campus.

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