The Royals, Lady Royals basketball season to start tomorrow

KNOXVILLE – It’s basketball season, and both the men’s and women’s teams are ready to shoot lights out, starting tomorrow. 

The Lady Royals basketball team start their season against Toccoa Falls College, Nov. 1 at 5 p.m., in the Athletic and Recreation Center. The Royals men’s basketball team will follow with a game against Toccoa Falls College at 7 p.m.

“I’m really excited about the season as a whole,” Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Brandon Perry, said. “Also, it’s awesome to watch these relationships start to develop, and that’s really what we do as a team, is to be able to see how each of these individual players – students – grow as people as they connect to one another.”

With the new ARC, there is plenty of new equipment, resources, and a lot of space to practice for the new season. 

“The ARC has brought so many resources for our women’s basketball program; it’s been incredible,” Lady Royals Basketball Head Coach, Caylee Braziel, said. “We have a huge lift room that we can lift in. It’s huge for preparing for a game.”

Even the new basketball courts are a game changer to both coaches as they strive for success.  

“We come in every season, for the last two years anyways, saying the goal is to win the national title,” Perry said. “I honestly believe that we have the capability of being the best team yet.”

Braziel wants her players to realize how lucky they are – to be surrounded by a welcoming community and to play with each other and develop great relationships from these years playing basketball.  

“It shaped so much of who I am when I played at Johnson, and I want to do that for the girls, and the girls who come to this program in the future,” Braziel said. “And that really matters to me, to shape their lives.” 

The Royals basketball team schedule can be viewed here. The Lady Royals basketball team schedule can be viewed here.

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