JU offers application fee waiver for Cincinnati Christian University students

Johnson University is offering an admission waiver code for Cincinnati Christian University students who cannot finish their degree due to the school’s closing at the end of the fall semester.

For CCU students pursuing liberal arts degrees, JU offers a selection. Among other bachelors and masters, JUTN offers degrees in ministry, business, education, English, History, communications, liberal arts, psychology, and others.

“We welcome CCU students to be part of our campus community, and we will work with any CCU student, undergraduate or graduate, who would like to continue their education at Johnson University,” a statement on JU’s Facebook page said.

In addition, Tennessee’s athletics program offers men’s baseball, women’s softball and volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, tennis and soccer, among other sports.

JUTN’s Director of undergraduate admissions, Lauren Shears, helped implement the waiver. 

“We thought that making a waiver code for them that would wave the $35 application fee could just ease one burden,” Shears said. “We hope that we can do what we can to ease the burden on students until they decide what their next steps will be.”

Johnson University Florida registrar, Diane Adams, said the school will work to ensure as many credits as possible can be transferred.

“Obviously because the students are going to be displaced, we would be as generous as we can be without breaking rules,” Adams said. “I feel for the students.”

2007 CCU Alumna, Heather Gorman, is now a New Testament professor at JUTN. 

“I’m sad, but at the same time, this does not nullify my degree,” Gorman said. “This doesn’t hurt God’s kingdom. I think God’s kingdom is going to go on; education will go on. It is challenging for a lot of the people involved, but [the situation of those students’ education and all the people who worked there] is recoverable.”

CCU and JU both developed out of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement, focusing on Biblical teaching, and later branching out into vocational degrees. Both universities share a commonality of Bible requirements and a commitment to the authority of Scripture and unity of believers.

“I think there are a lot of course similarities in the missions of the universities,” Gorman said. “In some ways, I think we are a natural fit for many of those students who were going there for [strategic vocations], like education or psychology or business.”

Johnson University Tennessee has approximately 1,150 enrolled students, while Florida has less than 200 students.

JU announced that they created a web page specifically for CCU students. That can be viewed here. A student can contact JU admissions at 800-827-2122 or by email at Admissions@JohnsonU.edu. Find out more about transferring to JU on the JU website. See more about the waiver code on Johnson’s Facebook.

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