New JUFL chapel d-group to focus on individual spiritual growth

KISSIMMEE – A new chapel d-group, “Be Still,” in which students will practice whatever spiritual discipline brings them their own growth, will start Jan. 27. 

Students can practice different spiritual disciplines, such as journaling, reading a book or scripture, praying or meditating, listening to podcasts or sermons, or anything else that develops their spiritual growth and formation. 

After practicing their disciplines, the students will come together to discuss what they have discovered or taken away in their time. 

Johnson University Florida’s Dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Nealy Brown, and assistant professor, Dr. Lora Erickson, are co-leading “Be Still.” 

“Spiritual growth is the goal of chapel groups, and everyone grows in different ways,” Brown said. “We seem to have a pretty common way of doing chapel groups that can meet some students’ needs, but we wanted to help expand to a greater group of students.”

Brown described the new group as a less duty-bound platform, where students have more freedom to do what helps them grow the best spiritually.

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