JUTN Celebrated Chinese Spring Festival, Prayed for China, Saturday

To enhance the multi-cultural awareness and cross-cultural understanding, the Director of International Relations, Dr. Duan Hua, organized the ninth annual celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year at Johnson University, Tennessee campus on January 25.

Table decorations at Saturday’s Chinese New Year Celebration event

The Chinese Lunar New Year, also called Spring Festival, is the most celebrated festival among the Chinese communities.  The celebration includes a cultural display and experience in the Global Learning Center, followed with a dinner featuring Chinese foods in Gally Commons.  

One Chinese graduate student in the Master of Arts in Educational Technology demonstrated writing Chinese character “福”  (blessings), while another did a paper cutting of the word “春”chūn (spring).  

Attendees at Saturday’s event

Over 60 people, including faculty, staff, and students of Johnson, teachers and students from The King’s Academy and Hardin Valley, and friends from the local communities were at the Chinese dinner sponsored by the Confucius Classroom at Johnson University.  Eight Johnson students in the English Book Club led by Hua folded 99 origami cranes, and each of the participants took one as a reminder to pray for the people affected by the coronavirus in China and other parts of the world.  

Dr. Gary Weedman, President Emeritus, distributed “红包”hóngbāo (red envelopes) to the students and children present as a token of blessings.

Dr. Roy Miller, Dean of Templar School of Education, presented new year gifts to the two Chinese guest teachers who teach Chinese at the King’s Academy to thank them for their contribution to the community. 

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