Johnson alumni return for homecoming 2020

KNOXVILLE – Johnson University welcomed back alumni from years past for this year’s homecoming week.

This year for homecoming, Johnson University welcomed back its past years of alumni for a week of reunions and worship. The homecoming services took place on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and evening, and Thursday morning.

This week the Johnson University campus was filled with Johnson students, current and past, both getting to interact and discuss the school’s qualities then and now.

One Johnson graduate, Beca Ramos, looks back fondly at her time in school, while also appreciating how far it’s come since her enrollment.

“Just seeing the campus, seeing the ARC and the new things Johnson has added… it’s amazing,” Ramos said. “I’m almost jealous!”

Ramos was visiting campus with her old friend and fellow Johnson graduate, Rachel Misch. While graduating nearly ten full years apart, Misch and Ramos both agreed that their experiences at Johnson were better than they could have dreamed.

Johnson University alumni,
Rachel Misch and Beca Ramos

“Johnson’s community is just so… it’s just different,” Misch said. “Having these young people all here to spread God’s Word and join in a cause so big is… it’s amazing. Johnson is like no other place.”

Another alumni back for a visit was Billy Clark, a father of a current Johnson student. Many past students at Johnson had come to hear of the school through family and friends after their experiences, and Clark was no different. He, like many others, had come to Johnson out of recommendation, and stayed out of love for the community and environment.

Johnson University alumnus Billy Clark and daughter Rachel

“It’s definitely different than I remember, but I guess not that different,” Clark said. “And now my daughter is here, and she says she loves it for a lot of the reasons I did.”

The consensus seemed to be the same among all past students: Johnson has changed, but the things that drew people in are still very much present. What started as a school to further the kingdom has blossomed, and now, for returning alumni, who visit year after year, it has become the birthplace of God’s plan for many, and the home they will never forget.

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